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Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Just because I started the blog to brag how cheap I am....
This is over at the framer now. I have a great guy who does back flips for me. One of the best ways to save money is on your framing.
the very best way when doing commissions. I never estimate a piece, no matter what, to include the frame. I will hand deliver it to the framer and let him take it from there, adding the cost after payment is received. NOT MY JOB

2. Work in a standard size.
If you are going to have to hang it on a wall for a while visiting, it really is hard to make a choice between a lot of money for very good show, and generic to let the piece show. Standard sized frames on sale, load up, have handy and work TO a size. Framing is always a sticker shock.

3. Establish a rapport with a framer and see what the scrap pile looks like.
My guy often goes through his molding ends and puts little standard frames together which he sells at a real discount. I still cover the glass and matting, but even if I pulled down my mat cutter, a PRO is going to be worth the money.

4. Slide 'em in, slide'em out.
I have this getting framed for a show on Tuesday. I asked the framer not to seal the back like he usually does, so I can remove this, as the odds of selling are pretty low, and recycle the show frame for other shows.

Frugal note done.

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