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Friday, August 21, 2009

The First Post

This is my first posting in the blog.

I am a portrait painter and you can usually find me on blogger at my Dog A Day Artblog, an experiment in discipline. I committed to posting one dog portrait a day for at least a year. I am more than 2/3 through it and happily, can say there is a puppy face for every day since Thanksgiving!!!


I am proficient in not only many subjects, but a lot of media. I have a number of workshops coming up in Arizona and out of state featuring my techniques. MOST of them based on working cheaply!

I am going to feature more narration on this page than my other blog so I may delete and regret more. I am not going to try to keep any strict posting schedule, but I encourage viewers and students and other artists to engage me in dialogue.

I have decided the blog will give me a good outlet to pick my own brain as I make pictures. As a teacher, I have always found I see a look of lobotomy in my class when I get on a tear! TOO MUCH INFORMATION seems to flicker in their eyeballs. I am hoping that this blog might be a way, after the workshops, for my students to let the information trickle in, after the demo, in a more gentle and less brain jarring manner.

So, in the cabin-fever summer here in Scottsdale, Arizona, I begin my diary.

Posts may be works in progress, dissections of old pieces, critiques of other artists or students.
We shall see!

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